9 February 2022


20 members made their way to Chichester for a pre-show lunch near Chichester Festival Theatre.

A short walk across the road after lunch took them to the Festival Theatre where they took their pre-booked seats and enjoyed a matinee performance of "The Play Wot I wrote".

Based on the famous Morecombe and Wise duo's material, the play 
was enjoyed by all.

16 February 2022

40 YEARS YOUNG AND STILL GOING STRONG For our celebratory lunch Chevron Catering provided us with a choice of a “traditional” two course lunch which was pre-booked in advance of the day. The dining area had “40” balloons and a birthday cake on display.

As members and guests arrived live  musical entertainment greeted them.  Table service for pre-lunch drinks was available. The lunch was to the usual high standard provided by the Chevron team and enjoyed by all.

After lunch, there was further musical entertainment prior to a fun pictorial quiz where parts of Ferring and Worthing had to be identified and then a verbal quiz surrounding significant events over the last 40 years.  

Quizzes over, place names were put in a hat and three lucky winners names were drawn but everyone enjoyed a piece of Birthday Cake prior to being "played out" reluctantly to return home, having had an enjoyable afternoon.

Birthday cake.jpg